Welcome to my carrd archive! this website contains the resources I usually use in my carrds. click the image for my carrd archive :] feel free to chat in the cbox if you have any queries

update log

11/13/22 made a separate section for the carrd archive10/28/22 added a scrollbar to make it easier to scroll, got the code from seiche10/19/22 added more fonts and fonts resources10/09/22 added more crd links & pastebins for templates09/27/22 revamped the carrd and changed the url to swan.uwu.ai08/28/22 added more codes for bgs & scroll.08/16/22 added a few codes and links.08/15/22 I had the motivation to revamp it so I changed the url name to :]07/27/22 url was changed to fantasia.drr.ac07/25/22 creation of this carrd

text codes

floatingbouncypopbubbleshakerubber bandtiltingflickermarquee 1marquee 2wobble 1wobble 2glitchblinkingimage textgradient 1gradient 2jerkyglowingrainbowrainbow glowwarpthis or thattypinganimated linksnews tickertext outlinerollingimage strokequestion mark on hoverbg color appear on hoveritalic on hoverlink floats on hovertooltipunderline link on hover

image codes

basic lace borderbrown laceorange lacepastel blue lacepurple lacepink lace 1pink lace 2hot pink lacecute blue laceflower borderbiscuit borderpink ribbonbeaded heartspink paperdoilyyellow lacewhite lacepink & yellow heartsheart lacefancy pink/black lacebrown hearts lacegigi's gold frameblurred borderimage drop shadow2 colors borderuneven borderrotate & blur on hoverrotate & saturate on hover3d effect box shadowheart on hoverhello kitty on hoverbouncing img on hovershake on hoverblur on hover/clicktwitchbounce & flip heart slideshowfloating imgpop in-outsliding img to reveal textwobblingdouble borderinset borderblurred edgesnene's mask batch 1nene's mask batch 2image tooltipfog maskcircle fog maskstar maskheart maskmultiple hearts maskrotating 1rotating 2paper maskhello kitty mask

music player

NEW! scmplayercd w/ album cover2000's music playerspinning vinylspinning circle music playernotebook crd music playergradient music music playericons w/ marquee 1icons w/ marquee 2circle spin w/ pixelpixel w/ music player on hovermusic w/ gif 1music w/ gif 2kill bill music playercircular progress indicator music playerspinning iconslide-in tabdiamond music playerspeaker music playermusic player inside music playersanrio music playerdraggableramdons music playermadomagiongakufixed white circlejumping img music playerhover on textspinning headphonebasic music playersimple music playerharenchislide up playlistmulitple song

cursors & bgs

hearts cursorimg clicksplosionheart clicksplosionimg trail cursorbubble trail cursortinkerbellflower cursormusic note cursorquestion mark cursorstarssmoke cursormore cute cursorsfloating blobs in a jarfloating hearts bgcustom img fallstar warprain effectbubble bathfalling snowfalling snow 2falling heartsfalling sakura leavesfalling butterfliesradial bgtv effectbokeh effectother bgscute bg patternsseamless tiles bganimated pixel blocks


hidden scrollbarold web scrollbar 1old web scrollbar 2 7.css scrollbar 17.css scrollbar 2colored scrollbargradient scrollbar7.css scrollbarscrollbar by chngmisgray scrollbarsimple borderdouble border scrollboxscrollbox w/ no borderscrollbox w/ rounded cornersscrollbox w/ shadow insetscrollbox w/ pink borderscrollbox w/ brown lacescrollbox w/ blue lacescrollbox w/ plain lacescrollbox w/ pink flowers bordertiled flowers borderbeaded hearts borderdoily borderbiscuit borderscrollbox w/ groove borderscrollbox w/ 2 diff fontsscrollbox w/ markscrollbox w/ bg colorscrollbox w/ gradient bgscrollbox w/ bg imgscrollbox w/ dashed bordersscrollbox w/ dotted bordersglowcross scrollboxskew scrollboxscrollbox w/ uneven edgesscrollbox w/ rainbow borderscrollbox w/ double border split scrollscrollbox title disappears when hoveredscrollbox expands on hover💀 drr ac scrollboxes, cr cyberpinked4 scrollboxeshorizontal scrollbox w/ separate columnsscrollbox reveal when hover on imageimage blur & shake on hover to reveal scrollbox


simple dropdown menugina crd menujake's blur menusscripted neocities org menuheart menu on hoverflower menubookmark menumenu in lala uwu aiscripted drr ac menuclaris crd co menuestrellita menufoldr menulimyonsal menuheart flip menuflip carrdintruosers menuroman numerals on hovernumbers on hovereditable drop down7.css drop down menu

CSS framework sites & generators

7.css98.cssXP.cssNES.csssystem.cssclay.csspaper.cssTUI.csscssmaticcss button generatorneumorphism/soft ui generatorshadow generator 1shadow generator 2css grid generatorget wavesfancy border radiusglassmorphism 1glassmorphism 2glassmorphism 3shadow palette generatorkeyframescss gradientvivid gradientaccordion slidergradient shadowspatternifymesh gradientscss text gradienttypesetwait animatepremade css animationscss bg patternscss generator toolopacity cssgradient magicuiverse


game click soundcustomized buttonsclick sound alertcbox on hoveropening message alertdisable left click + alertdisable right click w/o alertmarquee tab titletyping tab titlepassword protectiontabs thingyweb counter 1web counter 2webnekowebsite petshaped containerswindow buttonsnotepad tabredirect ppl to another site when carrd opensishimori crd update loggumamela crd update logdraggable elementsintro animationsmedia rulehtml formsstar ratingssticky note by yukokicustom highlight sectioninset box shadowbutton with blinkingdisable inspect elementclick SFXslide up blur bg text boxmouse click SFXscrollbar makerscroll to topdisable inspect elemet & shortcut keyscreate free poll



w3schoolscodepenhtmlbasicsintro to basic html/css docshtml codesjavascriptstackoverflowmf2fmjsbinjavascript kit30 seconds of codeneocitiesstart a neocitiescss trickshtml cheat sheetcocorinicodesecretsdhtml effectsthemarte codependante codepen_hyoseops/laisita codepenmarko codepenkokopellidynamicdrivecode beautifiernugagee


dracslauraizumiityizhuodianakkoziyasingenuopowysgreenmelonmiyounhivekyujouzgyarukofterlyfereijeosolieliosNEW! vaninoeteenagegoths


NEW! fontmirrorfontsquirrelfont identifierfontgetdafontgoogle fontstext fontsfontspacefontshubdfonts1001fontscandyfontsmyfontscool textall fonts in carrd

resource carrds



kaitowhimsicalyokaibarbaramacaquenoviecitaterrorbaroktomomigifsgifs 2muñecamooncandyasterismnamieeridantwstjans graphicsgraphicmagurobiscuitkanayasugaaengrampixely2keverskiessayclubmiddlepot's emojismiddlepot's web materialspixel diarymini pixels blogohpixelspixelgrapehikoushicaterpiegothiclolitapinksleazoidfavtransparent stickerssleepysproutpinkukingdombettys graphicsmaze guy smiliessmiley face graphicsmikejimapixel soupdoll makeranimated glittertenshiikisurainbowpixelzgaysweaterswebsetbylnnfoolloversNEW! the pixel queenlolcow farmNEW! cyworld & sayclub scenes




how to make a scrollbox in non-proadd divider on top of your pagefade in color animation before your page showspop-ups in carrdadd a music playerimport mp3 filesmake a container scrollablemake one column of container scrollablecolumn stylingcarousel sliding viewerabsolute & relative positioningdotted linkshow to use f2c countersliding buttonsadd spotify embedelements blur on hoverradial or linear container gradientremove embedded link in cursorposition text outside of containerdisable user selectionvhs filtermake text act like a scrollboxmake an image play music when clickedinsert your own cursor w/ img, pixel, or gifchange symbol of clicksplosionhow to remake pro plus crds to standardhow to make cbox on hoveradd click sound effect on pro standardapply animista to an elementposition an element at the corner screenuse patorjk color fader siteadd gif beside or within textupload custom fontsadd fonts from other sitesadd google fontadd custom border for images & scrollboxesadd custom selectionadd line breakimport windows7.css, windows98.css, XP.css, getpaper.cssshocking ju mp crd tuthydro crd tutbingus crd tut


remove.bgcinni.netcbox.wschatangopunycoderimage color pickerweb archiveheart gif bgs gdriveezgiftext color faderiloveimgphoto shape croppervideo croppergif bg removerresponsinatorimage resizerglenthemeshex to rgb converterblur img edgespalette palettesmy mind color combinationsmycolor.spacecolorkithuemintcolormindcolors muzlibehance.neticons8phosphoriconsfont awesome cheet sheetvelvetyne open source fontsNEW! feathericons


all templates are pro standard friendly unless stated otherwise. the pastebins & gdocs don't have demos unfortunately so you need to try them in carrd or other code playgrounds urself.

for demo, copy the link, remove and add at the end of the link.

carrd templates

pastebins and gdocs

other simple crd codes

hello! I'm the admin of this resource crd, pls refer to me as el or qi! I created this carrd for resources and my site archive as well. I mostly create non-pro and pro standard carrds. sometimes I make tuts out of boredom. pls consider using my referral code 'maize' if when purchasing carrd pro renewal or upgrade! it gives me 30% of your payment & won't cost you anything !